Thursday, April 21

a week in scotland -3 places

Broughton. Was a real gift to grow up around here as a teenager and ramble around the hills, forests, w/ clipped hedges to get lost in, and vegetable gardens to learn with... The bottom floor was an art gallery (currently under flood-restoration) and has 20 foot ceilings and 6 foot fireplaces.

Moffat. Like something out of Peter Pan. Our friends are a youngish family with lots of boys, treehouses with pirate flags, walls that are really doors, stars in the kids' ceilings and lights in the floor to light the way at night... Love the inbuilt slide.

Leith. Blog reflex, started taking shots of Land Rover Expeditions parked around... after about the 8th one just gave up. Got silly. Winches, snorkels, dormobile tops, kicksteps galore. The stonework everywhere on the trip was just so great... you forget.