Tuesday, April 5

parenting -tippecanoe boats

Tippecanoe make free-sailing (and some RC compatible) sailboat models. Mentioned pond yachts last year on 10e; also known as petit bateau a voile, segelboot bausatz, pond sailers or toy sailboats.

You can buy them assembled or in a kit. Didn't geek out taking pictures of the whole process... just enjoyed knocking around the basement putting it together. Very theraputic actually, painting coats of marine varnish over several days. Ostensibly a present for the boys.

You can order a boat reel at the same time to attach to the bow that allows you to spin the boat around and tack back. Totally works as advertised, though be aware from the beginning not to get the line wound round the reel's spindle (like I did...). Reel pops off spindle for an easy fix though.

We were at Spy Pond in Arlington, MA on an overcast and blustery day. The boat hauled, really fun. This is the T12 model (red cedar hull, nylon spinnaker cloth sails and zinc ballast). Nifty little handbook included too with instructions for knot-tying etc. #recommend.