Tuesday, April 12

now THOSE are double leather soles

Over the last 15 years I've tried a few times to resurrect these Chippewa moc toe boots. Mostly just coats of mink oil, but I think now I needed to step up to some kind of bottled oil... The leather began ripping at the outstep and though I love the 3-nail toes, the soles and heels needed to be replaced.

These boots have been on 10e before. Paging Chippewa: please bring back some kind of moc toe boot like this. They don't currently offer one. Definitely not one with hex lugnut eyelets... Have never seen them before or since these boots of Pops'.

Arthur in Somerville field-dressed the ripped leather (see below), replaced the heel and double leather sole and put in 3 nails at the toe. Very thick leather upper he says. Not made like that anymore...