Friday, April 22

mountain safety tips -via

Dangers -all can be avoided
Slopes of ice or steep snow
Very steep grass slopes, especially if frozen or wet
Unstable boulders • Gullies, gorges and stream beds
Streams in spate • Snow cornices on ridges or gully tops
Exceeding your experience and abilities
Loss of concentration, especially toward the end of a long day

Dangers –require constant monitoring
Weather changes – these can be sudden and more extreme than forecast
Ice on path (carry an ice-axe and crampons - and know how to use them)
Excessive cold or heat (dress appropriately)
Incipient exhaustion (know the signs; rest and keep warm)
Accident/illness (don't panic - if you send for help, make sure you stay put and the rescuers know exactly where to come)
Passage of Time - especially true when under pressure - allow extra time in winter conditions

It is no disgrace to turn back if not certain. A party must be governed by the abilities of the weakest member.

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