Saturday, January 23

sleep furiously gather in the crops; schoolchildren learn to make clay figures; a parishioner prepares the church for Mass; the mobile library rattles along country roads; sheep submit to the quick skills of practiced shearers; pies and cakes are laid out for the judges’ inspection at the village fete. -via The Telegraph
Portrait of a small farming community in mid-Wales, Trefeurig, where director Gideon Koppel grew up. The community struggles for survival as the local primary (grade) school is threatened with closure, traditional farming methods are rendered non-viable and services disappear.

One portrayal of rural life. Soundtrack by Aphex Twin. [thx Jedd]


Things Is Cool said...

That might be the best trailer ever.

D said...

looks a fine film indeed - will keep my eyes peeled for the dvd via the uk ... thanks for that!

Mitch said...

Is the title from Noam Chomsky's word salad "colorless green ideas sleep furiously"? Do you think?