Tuesday, January 5

kitchen tools -beyond the basics 7

41. Matchbox holder. Don't need a branded one but this goes w/ our v yellow kitchen.

42. Kitchen matches, in a box, to go in your wall mounted matchbox holder.

43. Pie funnel. Support the pastry lid during cooking and ventilate the pie, so that the filling does not boil over. -via The Historic Royal Palaces shop; classic Britannica.

44. Mortar and pestle. Can't believe haven't brought this up yet. Go marble like Julia Child did, or basalt if you just want to make guacamole.

45. Colman's Mustard. Get the powdered version. Clears the sinuses and then some. A must-have for roast beef. Don't mistake this for "yellow hot dog mustard". (Ultra sneak tip; sprinkle some mustard powder on buttery scampi/shrimp and it increases the butter flavour x10. You can use a tiny amount of butter and it tasty alllll kinds of buttery.)