Monday, January 11

bucklebacks i might actually wear -2

Stumbled (back) onto the jeans of Ooe Yofukuten & Co. and after a bit more digging see that RepeatToFade had a great potted history of the brand written in 2008; informed and personal. Serious cosign from RTF on this brand; add to the lottery/eventually list.

The jeans are handmade, to order. You pick the denim etc and choose from the available styles (picking through various blogs, and sites written in Japanese, that seems to be correct...). What? Only 81 types of denim/cloth?

Quick primer from OOE about the ordering process before you dive in, and how to size;
Lot No. is fabric No. + model No.
For example,
001XX is Fabric No. "0" + Model No. "01XX"
402 is Fabric No."4" + Model No. "02"
701XX is Fabric No. "7" + Model No. "01XX"
AG1101XX is special, for aging contest Fabric No."11" + Model No."01XX".

The model No.
01XX is 47-55type.
02 is 66 type .
03 is WWII type.(But we do not make it now yet)
04 is Boots cut type.
05 is 1850's Logger type.
06 is jacket.
07 is 1902's overalls.