Monday, January 25

from rick walker -eagle beak r.i.p.

Received this email a little while ago from Rick Walker (owner of western store Rick Walker's in Boston; good resource for deadstock gingham Rockmount shirts) and he agreed to share it. Great stuff.
Last night my little buddy Eagle Beak died in his sleep. He was a Cornish rooster and four pounds of fun. He loved tomatoes, cracked corn and pasta. We found him at a farmer's swap meet four years ago. He was in a cage with a sign that said "My name is Eagle Beak, I love to be held and I'm not very good with children" I knew right away It was a match made in heaven. He knew his name and would come when you called him. Two years ago he moved in to the house from the barn. Every morning at 6:15 He would scream good morning at the top of his lungs and the day would begin. We'll be sleeping late tomorrow. So long pal, I'll think of you every sunrise. It's a sad day.