Tuesday, January 19

jeep x orvis

Digging around and found this Orvis branded Jeep that was produced for a few years. Looking at them now, that are straight up, old school family Jeeps, w/ decent pulling, an easy-clean Ninja Turtle colorscheme inside and ebay-worthy tire cover... has a sort of niche appeal.
In 1992 Francois J. Castaing (Chrysler Vice President-Vehicle Engineering and General Manager of Jeep/Truck Platform) says "Grand Cherokee improves upon the traditional off-road Jeep virtues of toughness, durability, and go-anywhere utility.”

Compared to the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee was larger, with a longer wheelbase, eight inches greater length, more rear-seat hip room, more front-seat shoulder room, 7.4 cubic feet more cargo space, and 4-inch wider rear doors.

...it also provided the industry’s first SUV airbag; standard four wheel antilock brakes; the only standard SUV rear wiper/washer; the most efficient air conditioner in its class; and a choice of part time 4WD, full-time 4WD, and the new QuadraTrac AWD system with a center-mounted viscous coupling that, when needed, automatically locks the center differential for maximum torque transfer.

It also had the most powerful engine in its class, a standard 4.0 liter straight-six with 190 horsepower; unibody construction (first in the class); high torsional rigidity that allowed for a softer suspension; a QuadraCoil solid axle, coil spring, multilink front and rear suspension system for lower cost with greater durability, ride, handling, and off-road capability than competitors; and the lowest weight of any vehicle in the class, with the most front and rear shoulder and hip room.

1993-98; The Grand Wagoneer name, was used for a special 318-powered Grand Cherokee with false wood body cladding. The 318 was an optional engine for the Grand Cherokee all the way through to 1998; it was replaced by the 4.7 V8.

A five speed manual transmission was available in 1993 and 1994. This was followed by an Orvis Edition from 1995 to 1997, essentially a color package and trim package. -via AllPar.

All Orvis editions were installed with tow hooks and the Up-Country suspension group. In performance, the 5.2 V8 engine became standard, but was available with a 4.0 inline 6-cylinder engine. -via wiki (and in the UK you could get it as a 2.5-litre diesel w/ manual transmission -via TopGear)

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