Wednesday, January 13


Huge caveat: I don't know much about glasses, the provenance or history of frame shapes etc., and I don't wear glasses to read with so miss out on all the fun of vintagey frames... I do rely on wraparound shades though; question is how do you find full coverage sunglasses that don't look like props from DogBountyHunter? I recently received emails from the below manufacturers and I thought they formed a complimentary eastcoast/westcoast veteran/younggun post.

NYC's storied Moscot makes some tasty lightweight mimimal wraps in addition to their more classic shapes; like the Kaycee below, msrp $180.

Left coasters, and relative newcomers, Raen Optics have a range of sunglasses that feature another option for a lightweight wrap; the Regal, msrp $95. If you are into the surf/lifestyle/LoversLand vibe def' check their site.

Just to be clear, I will say now that in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising I must disclose any payments for having posted this review -and you will be glad to hear there is nothing to disclose. No $$, no swag...

Frankly I don't encourage it (swag). I told one very nice selvage-bandana-maker that you might know; "i feel odd receiving gear... makes me less likely infact to post about it, but i may do a bunch of 10engines hats, if i do, would love to trade you for a bandana." Well I did the hats and traded one for a nice plum bandana, and never posted about them... that is how that went down.