Monday, January 4


Actually got tipped off to this lady via PeirremontHicks' twitter, so hats off to them for sharing the wealth. Rufflentuck is an Etsy store that produces straight shot (made up that term but mean not adjustable) bow ties of approx 35" length, perfect for those around the 16" inch neck size. (the tied photo at top is from her site, and they seem to tie a little wider for 15.5 necks, which I prefer... not into the Pee-Wee look). Very reasonable insanely inexpensive; $6 or $8 per tie. The seller/maker is based in Canada, so minor postal delays sometimes but great service. Snagged a few just in time for New Year's, now just need more excuses to wear them.

She wrote; "Using red flannel around the throat is a popular folk remedy to soothe a sore throat - I'm sure it wouldn't pass a scientific test, but passes the comfort test." -Thanks Rosemary.

[update 1/5/09: thx @valetmag for the link yday; plus a bunch of visitors made it over to rufflentuck and scored a few ties, great. Man, I need a decent camera phone... wearing the Brunswick Tartan below.]