Tuesday, January 5


Over 800 posts, and it sort of coincides with the neue yarre, so let the manditory wrap-up/look-ahead begin. Have followed most of my year two plans so far except for nailing down my Hometown Hero-type interviews... not enough hours in the day I guess.

Anyway, cheers to the stalwarts and young guns (ACL, Plaid, AT2G, Splinters, Industry, SartInc etc) but it sure makes a nice break from the avalanche of denim and docksiders to have a few female voices around (Archival, Flat, IndianSummer, Cleveland) not forgetting related girls; Crane and Fox.

Going to plug my sister here as this is her big year to round up vendors for a potential bricks and mortar store in southern Vermont and an online presence, so any chic-rustique-crafty types reading can contact Sarah directly at ApothecaryFox for consideration.

So, anything brewing for 2010?? No huge plans honestly, just digging in the files and enjoying the winter. 'Course there is plenty of snow(boarding) ahead, Vancouver2010 boardercross coverage, maybe sugaring in the spring, thrifty finds, MicMacs and Tintin movie? a surprise Carhartt rebuild... Big big thanks to those that stumped-up hard earned cash for the 10e hats; I think Omaha has the biggest concentration at 3; don't cross the streams. OK, back to the blog-mines.