Thursday, January 21

occidental leather inc.

If you have been into any sizable hardware store (might have to be at a lumber yard) you will have seen Occidental Leather's tool belts and compenents. They also have a bunch of framing/mason bags, duffels and other hard wearing bags that could easily be repurposed for a weekender. Check the first one; Ironmouth. Great name for a piece of kit. North of $200 but good to know. The canvas stuff is less. Available in cream or brown canvas.

Last one might work for Mrs. Fencepost. Machinist's bag. $60ish.

Designed and produced in Sonoma County, CA... Occidental is a stickler for detail and insist on American made raw materials (leather, threads, rivets, etc.) and labor. They offer a lifetime repair (stitch & rivet) service on all of their leather products as a service to customers. -via Occidental Leather.