Wednesday, April 14

international harvester bookmobiles

This very cool vintage pamphlet for sale from PaperHeaven.

Today is the day... National Bookmobile Day (NBD... do librarians have to always use acronyms) anyway, check @yourlibrary on facespace to find any posted events in your area today.

International Harvester produced a stock bookmobile in 1960 based on their Metro Van (as above, I want one of those vans...)

International Harvester Company can infact be credited with the very first motorized bookmobile; a converted IHC wagon. This "book wagon" below traveled through Washington County, Maryland under the supervision of Hagerstown Librarian Miss Mary L. Titcomb [I never heard of Miss Titcomb before doing these last posts... she seems quite a force -ed.]
In March of 1912 an IHC Autobuggy with body by Thomas White was delivered by the International Harvester Company. It had a specially constructed top with shelves for 300 books and storage room for four deposit station cases.
-via Western Maryland's Historical Library
Photos below via ExhileBibliophiles, with permsission.