Friday, April 30

not even close

I thought I was on the RSS for MHL changes... guess not. Nice retro can re-introduced recently.

The sterling silver belt buckle; it is tough to find the plain versions, that is, without the scored lines. Not a fan of those atall. Pops gave this to me on my 16th bday - perfect coming of age gift. It is either ShreveC&L or Brooks... Think it is Shreve. It tripped the UK tax man's meter though... had to pay VAT (that is 17%) when this arrived in Scotland. Came w/ a brown and a black belt. Still fits.

The Friday Belt series by The Trad is genius in my book. To the young guns; you know "a belt" is a euphamism for a drink right?? Anyhow, complete rip here. Not even close...