Tuesday, April 20

carrie wicks -i'll get around to it

Carrie's album I'll Get Around To It is available to buy starting today; via OA2 Records. Killing me w/ that title... fantastic. My sis-in-law Carrie Wicks has been working on this for over a year, whilst jazz-singing around Seattle, WA for almost a decade. Carrie's MySpace has some clips to preview.

Even cooler, she is having a cd release party at Egans in Ballard on Saturday May 1, at 9pm; accompanied by Bill Anschell (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass) and Byron Vannoy (drums). $12 gets you into this and the 11pm show when she mixes it up with the jazz-vocal group Venus d'Bop.

Little sartorial info; though Carrie is a queen of thrift (and knows my secret Vermont thrifty attic shopping spot) the coat in the album cover is actually her grandmother's. Take THAT wikipedia...