Friday, April 2

bookshelf -the happy little handsaw

Published by the West Coast Lumbermen's Association (WCLA) in 1955, follow along with a tiny teethed Happy Little Handsaw as this tale of trees goes from forest to sawmill to framed house. Illustrated by Milli Eaton
and written by Robert E. Mahaffay, can't find much on those two... The full series of scans can be seen at GoldenGems (thx Barbie).

The WCLA spawned the The West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB); a non-profit service organization existing for both consumers and timber producers. The WCLIB provides grading supervision services, reinspection, and transient inspection services for solid-sawn softwood timber products in more than 100 saw mills and remanufacturers located primarily throughout the northwestern USA. In addition, WCLIB publishes the Standard Grading Rules for West Coast Lumber and provides grader-training services, and general and technical support services for its member mills and their customers. Further reading.