Tuesday, April 20

get low

A southern gothic tale styled to all hell. Robert Duvall goes grumpy old man x10. Can't wait. Offical site at Get Low.
At heart a tale of forgiveness and redemption, "Get Low" manages the difficult feat of being at once understated and vigorous in its confident storytelling. The dialogue is peppered with choice bits of droll humor, and Murray --smooth and subtle in a showcase role -- lays claim to many of them. Indeed, the pic is most appealing during scenes in which Murray's deadpan wit plays off Duvall's dour irascibility, and both actors effortlessly bring out the best in each other...

Duvall's more emotionally charged scenes with Spacek and Cobbs are low-key yet powerful, and Schneider wisely refrains from overemphasizing the obvious with intrusive music or flashy technique. Straightforward simplicity is the defining trait of the pic as a whole, reflected in the evocative bluegrass-flavored score by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and the lovely widescreen lensing of David Boyd. "Get Low" obviously is a labor of love for all involved, but it never resorts to undue yanking on heartstrings. -via Variety