Sunday, January 24

the haggis

A cine film made around 1969 by the Largs Cine Club. Starring Dram the Dog. Plot may be B- but scenery and music B+.

Tomorrow is Burns Night (the celebration of Robert Burns' poetry, excuse to eat haggis etc.) Wrote a bunch about it last year (Haggis; Kilt).


D said...

thought you might like this bit of news:

...'tho, MacSweens does an incredibly delicious vegetarian version - totally brain-free ;)


OMIL said...

Heard t'other day that the USA has lifted the embargo on haggis (& other meat goods from the UK) dating back the BSE/V-CJD scare...

james at 10engines said...

@D; classic... mum had to bin her haggis at US customs in 2009... terrible. all about the lung, i guess... it is just meatloaf fer fks sake... thx for the info.

james at 10engines said...

@D also; the veggie haggis is great. just herbed oatmeal really but you bake it and cover w/ mushroom gravy or something... not ata ll bad.

Oma said...

totally agree
many good suppers with MacSweens Vegetarian option !
Baking is the key !!
and remember the next day left overs
fried for breakfast into little fritters with mash and turnips /green cabbage
mmm ---

D said...

oh wish i had some here... mmmm ... good times! never tried baking it, o/h prepares the haggis, will pass on your good advice ;)

enjoy your burns night, all!