Monday, September 14

get it loud in libraries

Get it Loud is a live music program based in Lancashire (northwest-ish UK) which features gigs in traditional library spaces.

I would hope this 3 year old program has not ruffled any trad-library feathers, too much good going on for that. I love the presentation here as it doesn't try to be too with it but point of fact they have booked some good names (past performers) e.g. Guillemots, Noah and The Whale, Married to the Sea, The Thrills, The Wombats, Bat for Lashes, Harry and The Potters, I Was A Cub Scout, Adele, Long Blondes. Heck, Neko Case just performed at one. See pics.

Yes the intent is to get "young people" into libraries who may not otherwise venture inside... but really it works for a diverse age range with the talent that is being picked. Could get academic and say it is increasing the "commons" definition of the library space etc., but love this idea on a bunch of levels. Anyone know of examples of such a program happening near them in the States?? Apparently the surrounding books make it good acoustically as well... win/win.