Thursday, September 10

johnny walker -robert carlisle

A couple of things.
1. This is pretty fantastic filmmaking.
2. If you were an ad firm that had started a viral campaign would you race to have it taken down from YouTube? Maybe BartleBogleHegarty are being double sneaky?
3. Are subtitles really necessary? Com'on this is Begbie.
4. Bad timing homey...drinks brand Diageo (Dutch owner of Johnny Walker) announced yday that they will carry out their restructure and close the Johnnie Walker bottling plant in Kilmarnock, ending 200 years of links with the town. (The loss of 700-900 jobs will be offset by the creation of 400 posts when a new factory is built in Fife say Diageo...) This will have a crushing impact on the town of Kilmarnock I would imagine. Further reading.

Saw this clip first via /Film.