Tuesday, September 8

visit -h.n. williams store

Have written about Williams' store before, but stopped by last weekend and took some shots. Pics pretty much speak for themselves. Billy Brownlee is the young man keeping the traditions alive there. Place is a must-see. Bonus, the Dorset Farmers Market abutts the store on summer Sundays. The place is a mass of made in USA and particularly VT-made products. Huge Johnson Woolen Mills selection. Separate ladies department too. Didn't even shoot the Carhartt areas... trust me, selection is huge. Further reading.

Billy also gave me the straight dope on finding the older cut of Carhartt pants. Look for the coin pocket seam. The old (better, no doubt, well known, why did they change...) pairs have the seam right up against the waistband seam as below right (newer pair on the left).

H.A. Spear & Sons Gloves. Made in Essex Jnct, VT.

Work glove heaven...

Walking Boss Supenders. Made in Bloomfield, VT.
Maybe the last three two Carhartt camo hoods around... I already have mine.