Wednesday, September 23

that w.a.m. look

Running a couple of errands before the w/e hits hence the Walking Around Money (WAM) look. The eternal question, "do you get your board tuned before the season starts?" Or too likely to catch an edge those first few days... I wait myself. Used to see GrindRite machines all around, they have now been swallowed up by Wintersteiger (d/b/a Kalow Technologies I believe?). Loved the GrindRite logos, remember that dungaree clad buzzcut guy?

Carhartt Detroit jacket. I think the patches are holding it together.
Chamois shirt. Shammy... Hard to get slim ones, New Old Stock is key...
Sucker for slim wintery gloves. Drop Mfg.
Filson Mackinaw hat. Not too much at all, the thing is great. Hadn't looked up definition of Mackinaw till now...

"Etymology: Mackinaw (Mackinac), trading post at site of Mackinaw City, Michigan.
Date: 1833
1 : a heavy woolen blanket formerly distributed by the United States government to the Indians
2 a : a heavy cloth of wool or wool and other fibers often with a plaid design and usually heavily napped and felted b : a short coat of mackinaw or similar heavy fabric" -via Websters.

Pocket knife inherited from grandpa... A pipe smoker's knife, by Rodgers of Sheffield. The butted end is a tamper, also a small blunt ended knife and pick folded in.
Slim belt from Billykirk. Might be it for my buckle and western...
Chippewa cordovan boots via Three Wood.
Ragg socks
Evisu re-launched jeans.
Done. Or flip the scheme as below. Substitute gingham shirt, beaten up brogues and gimme cap.