Thursday, September 17


Often derided as a shameless vanity project, Homeboy (1988) written by Mickey Rourke [under the pseudonym Eddie Cook -ed.] is a major guilty pleasure here. Throwing out the bad (too many moody lingering shots of the star) there really is some good fun to be had. And considering this was shot right after Barfly you have to tip your hat to his workout regime. This is Rourke pre-tattoos, pre-surgery and pre-HGH. (I wore out my VHS copy years ago, but Homeboy has been reintroduced on dvd since the Wrestler. I believe the "piece of meat" scene is filmed at the same location as some of this film.)

Cowboy boxer, Johnny Walker, transplants to New Jersey and falls in love with an Indian cycle riding fairground owner (played by Debra Feuer -Rourke's wife at the time, who also starred in the undervalued To Live and Die in LA). Tough/tender guy falls for girl next door type running the carnival... late 80's this was right in my wheelhouse. Plenty of old man B-reel shots (in diners, boxing clubs, bars), lots of Chris Walken (the dinosaur and Aristotle monologues, great stuff), Ruben Blades in a brilliant scene as the doctor, John Polita nails it as the greasy fight promoter; and finally Rourke's ever rotating denim collection is practically its own character, awesome. Man, I want that shirt with the pony hide elbow patches... That is what this post is really about. Have to tread pretty carefully here as don't want to suggest that Johnny Walker (great name) with cowboy boots et. al. is my sartorial hero... but enjoy the workgloves, blanket-lined Lee Storm Riders, Redman and rabbits foot... He also carries a Bruce Banner-esque holdall that seems able to fit all this.

Am I certifiable if I bought an identical Tiddledy Winks game to travel with? Well sign me up then. Bosh.